SMC Frosh · About the Theme
Once Upon a SMC

This year our theme is “Once Upon an SMC”, bringing us back to all the fairytales and stories we grew up with and still enjoy. We strongly encourage everyone to be as creative as they can, and would love to see costumes throughout the week. This theme has been split up into 5 “chapters” and each student will be assigned a group of leaders in one of the following chapters. We hope that after this Orientation Week, you will be ready to “write your next chapter” here at SMC!

The Kingdoms

This chapter covers a land of many kingdoms, ranging from classical fairy tales adapted by Disney, to the Kingdom of Camelot and Agrabah, the land of Aladdin. (Costume ideas to keep in mind: Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, King Arthur and Merlin, Aladdin, Three Musketeers)

The Fantasy Lands

This chapter covers faraway and strange lands that heroes encounter from Wonderland through its looking glass to Oz and the yellow brick road. (Costume ideas to keep in mind: Peter Pan from Neverland, Dorothy from OZ, Alice from Wonderland, the characters from Narnia)

The Enchanted Forest

This chapter includes the Grimm's Fairy tales and the classics we've seen countless times in the enchanted forests. (Costume ideas to keep in mind: Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood)

The Wild Lands

This chapter covers the many stories involving the animal kingdom. (Costume ideas to keep in mind: the 3 little pigs, the 3 blind mice, Puss in Boots, Jungle Book, the Lion King)

Mount Olympus

This chapter will cover the wide array of stories in Greek Mythology revolving around the Gods and the heroic journeys of Achilles and Odysseus.(Costume ideas to keep in mind: Heracles, Hercules, Medusa, the Olympians)