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Jordan Beese

Hey, my name is Jordan and I'm going into my 4th year, majoring in Genome Biology, in Economics, and in Psychology. I decided to participate in Frosh for my 4th time now for many reasons. Other than being the most fun week at UofT it's also a great chance to feel proud of where you are, whether that's SMC or UofT as a whole. It's a good chance to meet all kinds of people that you may not meet throughout the rest of the year. And in getting caught up in all the energy it's a great way to put yourself out there and do things you wouldn't usually do. I hope the week we organize this year can give the same experience I've had to all incoming members of SMC and that they all want to come back next year as Leaders!

My Favourite Memory: I've always loved the bed races due to all the energy it brought and the pride from SMC almost always winning. My favourite was when I ran in the Bed Races last year and then holding up the trophy after we won.

My advice to first years is have fun, talk to people, make friends, join clubs, ask questions whether its during frosh week or the rest of the school year. Things won’t happen unless you make them happen. Also as tempting as it is, try to avoid procrastinating before you get eye opener from your first midterms.

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Danielle Da Costa

Hey, I'm Danielle Da Costa, one of your Orientation week coordinators. I'm going into my 4th and final year at U of T with a major in English and double minor in Classics and Political Science. I was a Marshal last year and had one of the best weeks of my life, so I figured being a Coordinator would be just as much fun… and I was so right! I love Frosh week because it's one of the few genuine times you see so many people come together and have the best time of their lives. When you come to SMC, you know that everyone has gone through very similar things and we all ended up here together.

My Favourite Memory: I loved the energy from the U of T wide Parade. Seeing every person covered in Blue Paint, cheering until they couldn’t breathe, and pouring their hearts into the event was the most amazing sight I’ve ever witnessed.

My advice for you is to live these next 4 years with balance. University can be hard and stressful so remember that there is another side to it: creating meaningful memories. Study hard but remember to enjoy the little things and treasure the moments you share with the friends you make for the long run.

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Cristina Peter

Hello Class of 2019! My name is Cristina and I’m a staff member of the SMC Dean’s Office- an office that helps YOU get the best student experience possible outside the classroom! Like Danielle and Jordan, I got my start in the student life when I was a student planning orientation in 200X (see the photo? That’s me, in a tiara, carrying a first year’s luggage!). Now, as the Assistant Dean, I get to work closely with Danielle, Jordan and the rest of YOUR awesome Orientation Team, as well as your student council (SMCSU), student clubs, Commuter and Residence Dons, and your Mentors and Academic Peers- who you’ll meet during Orientation Week. When I’m not on campus, you can find me training for marathons, dancing to Taylor Swift, reading articles on the student experience, or (this year) planning my wedding...which I plan to run exactly like orientation!

Get involved! Your experience (and your marks, beleive it or not!) will be better if you get engaged on campus. It’s not hard- think of university as a buffet of lots of different activities and experiences that you can continue from high school (student council, debating clubs)- or try out for the first time (archery, anyone??) There are some easy ways to get involved:

  1. Email your Mentor and Academic Peer and ask for advice!
  2. Ask your awesome Orientation Leaders and any other friendly staff during Orientation Week
  3. Meet your Residence Don (if you live in residence) or your Commuter Don (if you don’t live in residence) during the first weeks at the university

All these upper year students are here to support your experience so you can make the most of it! So keep calm and HOIKITY CHOIK!

Marshal Headshot


The Marshals are the upper year volunteers in RED. They are the OC’s right hand men and women. Marshals will be the ones orchestrating your activities throughout the week. Whether it be Games Rotations, the Boat Cruise, the Quad Party, or simply making sure that you get a meal that meets your dietary needs, these students will be there for you. Marshals meet all summer long to help plan to ensure that there is something fun for everyone to do throughout this memorable week. Look out for the Marshals with Orange bandanas - they are the head marshal of the event and will know just how to solve any problem you might face. Marshals have loads of advice and experience to offer, so don’t be afraid to get to know them!

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Spirit Squad

The Spirit Squad will be the upper year students throughout the week in YELLOW or in AWESOME COSTUMES. The Spirit Squad will be the loudest, most energetic, and most positive people you will encounter all week. These students will help you learn all our cheers and make sure you cheer your hearts desire by the end of the week. Spirit Squad just wants to show their pride in St. Mike’s and make sure you have an awesome week to remember for the rest of your life!

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During your Orientation week, you will get divided into groups of similar students in similar programs or courses and you will be guided by leaders in NAVY BLUE. Your leaders are students that used to be first years just like you a few years before and have all sorts of advice to share with you. They will be with you all week long, sharing their knowledge of Orientation, SMC, and U of T. Your Frosh group can become some of your best friends here at SMC when you have great leaders like them!

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The Students in the LIGHT BLUE shirts will be YOU. Your job for this week is to have the best time of your life, and make memories that will last. You will get the chance to meet lifelong friends, participate in awesome social events, learn more about the St. Mike’s community and traditions, and get helpful advice about your next years at UofT!