SMC Orientation · 2015
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About Orientation


Orientation Week, otherwise known as Frosh Week, is our welcome week for all new students to St Michael’s College. This week aims not only to introduce new students to the St Mike’s community but also to life at the University of Toronto as a whole. Orientation week is important for incoming students to meet other students, make lifelong friends, get first-hand experience of life at SMC, and find answers to all social and academic questions about what is to come; and all this during a weeklong atmosphere of fun and excitement! Throughout the week, new students will interact not only with their future classmates but also with upper year students, known as their Frosh Leaders, who will know what they are going through and be able to provide them with all the resources they will need to make the next 4 years the best of their life. St. Michael’s College is known for being one of the loudest, most spirited, vibrant and tight-knit communities at UofT and by the end of this amazing week we hope all of you will be “bleeding blue” along with the rest of us! So register now and start of your next chapter at UofT with one of the best weeks of your life!

Registration Information

Your Orientation Fees will include…

  • entrance to every SMC and U of T event during the week
  • your Frosh Shirt, Bandana, and Kit filled with SMC swag
  • lunch, dinner and snacks for the Week (Tuesday September 8th-Friday September 11th)
  • beach day trip on September 12th (should weather permit)
  • much, much more!

The Team

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Jordan Beese


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Danielle Da Costa


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Cristina Peter

Assistant Dean of Campus Life

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Spirit Squad

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